Best UK kitchen installers

Kitchens are an integral part of any home and with a huge range of styles and materials on offer; you can truly find something to complement your property. With so much to choose from, you can get your dream kitchen at a great choice.

Plus, with plenty of UK suppliers available, competition is high. That means you can easily compare the best in the business and ensure to get the best price for your own kitchen.

Bear in mind though that there are both national and local suppliers that will offer a brand new fitted kitchen. Some of the best UK kitchen installers that work on a national scale include Tesco, Howdens, IKEA, Wren and Magent. Just from this selection you’ll find a range of prices and quality.

Don’t forget the small, independent kitchen companies though. Just because they’re not a nationally recognised brand, doesn’t mean they provide poor quality and workmanship. In fact, on many occasions it can be the very opposite and local suppliers are often praised for tier excellent standards.

Of course, with a national supplier you do get a sense trust, along with guarantees and warrantees. This ensures that if a problem does occur later down the line you’ll end be protected. Whilst smaller companies do offer warranties, you won’t have the same confidence they’ll still be trading in five or ten years’ time.

This shouldn’t put you off though and what’s crucial is to compare a number of companies to get the best quote and kitchen for your home. Take a look at the table below, showing a number of key customer service issues and how the companies rank for these.


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